Video Title: Girl Wearing Diapers

[ 2018 ]

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Girl Wearing Diapers


Tall and slender adult baby girl NING. Ning is showing off her sexuality while playing big baby and wearing her diaper. She has long black, straight, shiny hair all the way down to her ass. Ning starts to remove her adult diaper so she can put on a fresh diaper, but decides to be a very naughty adultbaby girl while doing so. She finds object around her to tease us, and her pussy with. First her baby bottle finds itself rubbing her pussy, before Ning inserts it deep inside. A few other objects are used as dildos, such as a plastic hammer and her pacifier. Eventually she does a full diaper change and gets on with her day.


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Ning recently posted:

Always pick an adult diaper with standing leg cuffs as this is the single most important thing in a diaper in preventing leaks. You may be surprised how many adult diapers do not come with this important feature.

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