Video Title: Japanese Girl In Diaper

[ 2018 ]

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Japanese Girl In Diaper


Lovely BOURM, in red, is sweet little WAHRN's babysitter. They both enjoy each others company and WAHRN loves to have her diaper changed. Wahrn and her sitter Bourm are enjoying each others company and Bourm really enjoys the time spent with Wahrn helping her being a big adult baby girl wearing her diaper. Bourm indulges Wahrn and changes her dirty diaper and they continue enjoying role playing and infantilism for the remainder of the day.


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Bourm recently posted:

I have worn Nappies for the past 40 year and still enjoy it as much now as when I first started I have been married three times the first two broke down because I would not stop wearing them but the third is great I wear them 24/7 and she fully understands.

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