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Ariel Crawford Part 3
"All right, guys." Ms. Felton brushed the chalk dust off her blouse and tried to smile at her first-grade class while glancing at the clock. Only ten minutes to go until recess. One hour left in the day, one day left in the week, thirty-five weeks left in the year, and about thirty years until her retirement. It depressed her. "Who can tell me what holiday we have coming up in about two weeks?"

Ariel Crawford Part 4
Ariel heard the door click shut and turned her head to the side. She stuck her thumb in her mouth. She wanted to tell her mom that she still loved her, that she hadn't really meant it when she said she hated her, and she wished she could just take back all the mean things she'd said on Sunday, and everything would be just like it was before. Except it would never be just like it was before, because her mom was marrying Ryan.

Ariel Crawford Part 5
Ariel and Ryan wanted to surprise Jessica when she got home from the hospital. They worked all week long in the August heat, packing up all the stuff in their homes in boxes, and on Friday, the same day Jessica was coming home from the hospital, a moving van came and moved all the furniture to the new house. Later that same day, someone came and turned the electricity and phone line on. Ariel was granted permission to try out the phone while Ryan unpacked.

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 1
Hello. My name is Ashley. I would like to share with you a story of my life that took place a few years ago, that started when I was almost seven years old. I lived in Watertown, Wisconsin at the time it began. The year was 1990. I had many friends, especially Julie Owens. I practically lived at her house on the weekends. We were great friends. I was in the first grade and I was one of the smartest girls in my class.

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 2
Going to school in diapers was working out great so far. No one noticed it and Mrs. Patterson was always nice. Something changed, however. On a Monday in April that year, I needed my diaper changed. The only problem was that we were out of diapers. Even my sister's were out. My mom went to the store to get some more and told me I'd have to stay in a soaked diaper until she got home. No big deal. Whenever she went shopping for more diapers, she always got Huggies Ultratrim's. This time, however, she didn't. When she got home, she pulled a bag of these generic store brand extra large toddler diapers.

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 3
Morning came and I was soaked through and through. My brother changed and dressed me into my toddler clothes and then we ate breakfast. Brain was in charge of us that day after Christmas since my parents had to go back to work. I began to play with the toys I got an acted as if I were two years old while playing with the babyish toys. It was fun. I was playing with some of the same toys my sister got, and even some that she had outgrew.

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 4
An hour later, it was time to go canoeing. How fun. I was with Amber, Stacey, Rachel and Michelle. We were rowing forever, and the workout made me have to pee. I soaked it (must have been the orange juice again) and felt much better. A few minutes later I noticed Amber was squirming a bit. I looked at here with a . . . .

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 5
The next morning Brian changed and dressed me as usual. I was very quiet that morning and didn't feel like talking much. Shortly after I was changed, Kelly woke up and was yelling for someone to come into her room. Brian was about to carry me downstairs but instead he took me into my sister's room. My mom went in as well.

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 6
A few weeks passed. Sarah quickly adjusted to Mr. Scoot's class. She seemed to like him as a teacher, and as usual, he was understanding of her need for diapers.

Serenas Nappy Punishment
Maria sat on the sofa seething. She was in her mid 40's, and had been dating her current boyfriend, Bob, for nearly six months now, and everything was going well apart from one thing. Bob was about ten years older than her, and had a 31 year-old daughter, Serena, who still lived at home with him. . . .

Shitty Options
I was on my way to class one day during college when I had a horrific accident in my car. I was hoping to sneak out a little noxious gas and instead dropped a bomb. It wasn't an enormous amount of shit but it was enough to seap through my kahkis. I pulled into a spot in the parking . . . .

Smiling Secrets And Sailing
Lexie walked down the crowded hallway and went to sit outside to wait for her sister. She hated school. She got made fun of all the time for being fat. Lexie's 5'3" and 129 pounds. She doesn't think it was too big, but the other kid's did. Her dark brown lanky hair, which she could never seem to get perfect, is always pulled up into a tight . . . .

Soggy Bottom
My story begins back when I was about 7 to 9 yrs old,,, I was a bed wetter back then and wore diapers , of course back then there wasn't any diapers like now. I wasn't embarrassed to be diapered by my mom or my aunt , I wore the cloth diapers with plastic pants, I remember a few times . . . .

Spicy Camping Squirt
My buddys and I went camping one summer, and my friend packed a bunch of his fresh grown haberno peppers to cook with. We all love to eat spicy, little did I know that my anus prefers blander food. Anyway, we were sitting around the campfire drinking beers, about an hour. . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 1
Jessica took her bath allowing the cool water to soother her aching backside. When she was done she called for her mother. Her mother entered with a paper bag and told her daughter to stand up in the tub. As the tub drained she reached into the bag and removed as small . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 2
The two girls stayed in the playpen until lunch when they were both taken into the house and spoon-fed their meal of baby cereal, a several jars of baby food and next given a bottle. Next Jessica and Carol had their wet diapers changed then they were placed back in the playpen . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 3
Jessica and Carol were next led into the kitchen where they were strapped into their chairs and fed their morning breakfast, consisting of rice cereal, strained bananas, and a bottle of juice. After they were led outside into the yard and locked in the playpen. Nanny gave them each a bottle and said . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 4
Once Nanny had the two girls' home they ate supper again safely strapped into their highchairs. After that they were given their baths and diapered for bed. Nanny read them a story and tucked them into their cribs. Now if you two can continue to be good little girls, Nanny will . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 5
Jessica and Carol both felt drowsy and slept for the first hour of the drive until Jessica awoke and was looking out at the countryside as it passed by. As lunchtime neared Nanny was watching the signs along the highway, soon she found a McDonalds and drove off at the ramp. . . .