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A Change For Naomi
So, here I was getting ready to walk out the door of my "adoptive mother's" home dressed as what could only be described as a relatively large toddler. My heart was racing and I was as nervous as a "whore in church", as my father used to put it. My hair was up in pigtails, with pink . . . .

A Real Story 1 Abena Sexcap
Adam and I walked into the house and realized no one was home, we had the house to ourselves. We started kissing, our hands started wandering, clothes started to disappear... we wriggled into thick, crinkly abenas and the fun began. Adam threw me over his knee and started spanking me, making me moan and beg for more.

A Surprise Sitter
My mom's insensitivity was never so on display as the summer I was 11. Don't get me wrong. She was a good person—a loving mom. She just didn't connect the dots sometimes. I wore diapers to ....

A Wet Morning
I am traveling and as is my custom, I changed into a diaper and plastic panties when I got to my motel room after a wonderful dinner accompanied by a couple glasses of wine.........

Afternoons At Mrs Wilsons House
Once upon a time there was a little boy named Scotty. He lived at home with his mommy and daddy. His daddy went to work early in the morning and worked hard all day so that they could have a nice house. His mommy also had a job to help bring in more money.

Alice The Babysitter
Meet Alice, a girl of 15 years, with long blonde wavy hair, height 5ft. 2in, weight 94 lbs. The scene opens with her walking up the sidewalk to the Kingston residence. She promptly checks her watch as she knocks at the door. She stands there on the porch waiting for someone to greet her.

I thought I was a freak. You see, I am a girl and I like wearing diapers. When I say diapers I mean diapers and rubber pants. I was glad to learn that other people, especially women, wore diapers....

Andreas Awakening
Andrea was sitting in her 5'th grade english class. The teacher was teaching about creative writing concepts and other free-style writing. As an assignment she told the class to write a fictional paper on any topic of her choice. It was to be fictional and use some of the techniques they had reviewed the past two weeks. It was worth 2 test grades as well.

Ariel Crawford Part 1
Mrs. Ellis didn't think the little girl was particularly bright, though she tried. She just couldn't seem to understand how all the numbers in math fitted together. But reading was hardest for her. Every night, her mother would make her read out loud from books. She would stumble over every word, while her mother patiently corrected her. Jessica Crawford wasn't trying to humiliate her daughter. She could tell how much her daughter hated the reading, but it did seem to help, and Jessica wanted her daughter to do well in school.

Ariel Crawford Part 2
Dinner was quiet and tense. Ariel was much shamed and humiliated by what Stephanie had said and kept thinking about how Caitlin would laugh at her when they got into her bedroom. Her big brown eyes kept filling with tears but she would not let herself cry, not yet. Her pull-up was soaked and starting to leak. Jessica sat by her daughter, occasionally casting her glances of sympathy.

One April morning Beth, a woman in her mid thirties was sitting at her kitchen table reading the paper and drinking her coffee. She looked at her watch and decided it was time to get ready to leave. She had a big day planned. She packed her van with sales brochures and headed out to her first location. She would be running an open house . . . .

Road Trip
She logged onto her computer, checked her emails, called into work, and received 2 messages on her voice mail before she and her daughter and husband were ready to leave the house. Larry's car was in the shop, so Kathy would be dropping him off at work, then taking there daughter to school, and then she'd be pressed for time to make it to her job in the city. . . .

It was a nice warm summer day when Samantha decided to pack a lunch basket and set out into the forest to have a picnic by herself and settle down by a tree to read a nice book. She prepared some food and some other items and then set off down . . . .

Sassy With Auntie
One day i went with my aunt to the store cuz my ma stayed with my step dad at the hospital for long periods of time while he was sick it was just to pick up a few things. but my aunt always likes to hekle me about how i should have a better job an stuff whatever tho, i usualy let . . . .

Selling Out
I craned my neck to see past the cash registers and shopping carts to the windows overlooking the Farm Fresh parking lot. Light snow was beginning to fall, and I was a mile and a half from home, w...