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You Are My Sunshine
I was traveling on a bus to leave my hometown for a few months. My family didn't quite “approve” of it. But I still was an adult, yet I had a major secret-I was an AB/DL. (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover). I could never explain THAT to my father, for he though of it as a “gross..........

Younger Sisters
I was reading "Bedweeter Found Out," and I can definately relate to what that young man went through. I have even worse bladder control, as I have to wear diapers 24/7, and have all my ....

Youthful Stress Relief
Christy had been through a lot.  She was only 21, but she felt she had lived an entire life.  She was 5’2, 115 pounds, blonde curly hair, with gorgeous thighs, for she was a che....