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Adult Baby Nurseries and Mommies

Mommy Madeline's AB/DL Nursery in Chicago
Mommy Madeline of Chicago is a mistress dominatrix specializing in adult baby, sissy baby, and diaper lover play sessions.
AB/DL Info
AB/DL Info - Strictly Miss Lydia offers AB/DL sessions, one of the few Mommies in New York City that does. Sometimes you just need a good Mommie.
Mama Melody's Adult Babysitting Services
Mama Melody is a young experienced ABDL sitter centered in Santa Clara CA, willing to travel all over the CA bay area! Here to help adult babies and diaper lovers with their sweetest and cutest desires.
Mistress Morgana
Celebrating 19 years of exceptional BDSM exploration and education, diaper dominance, feminization and more
Mommy Kat's Nursery
My name is Kat. A lot of you might recognize me as little Kitty from Diapered Kitten
Mommy Audrey and Mama Nikki
We are wonderful mommies and sitters to all variations of AB/DL fetishists. We use high discretionary precautions and are 100 percent dedicated to making it a comfortable and relaxing session for you.
Mommy Nicole's Nursery
Hey Sweetheart. I am a gal who likes to baby guys.
Mommy BlackSatin
Adult Babysitting ABDL services. I am your Mother, your Nanny, and your Teacher.

ABDL Montreal - Adult Nursery
ABDL-Montreal is a new adult nursery located in Montreal. It is mainly, but not exclusively, aimed at infantilsts
Mommy Domme's Nursery
A friendly and fun place for Adult Babies to play and regress. Caregiving is my delight as well as my career.

Nanny Esmes Nursery For Littles
Nanny Esmes Nursery For Littles, a special place were AB's, Sissy's and DL's can come and feel safe under the watchful eye of London based Nanny Esme.
AB Dreams UK Adult baby Nursery and Nanny
AB Dreams UK Midlands based Adult Baby Nursery and Nanny for ABDL, sissy and diaper lovers. Caring play in a safe space for adult babies.
Baby Brrr's ABDL Adult Baby Nursery
A site where adult babies, diaper lovers, infantilists and their friends can find out more about this fun lifestyle.
Nanny Alice - London UK
Nanny Alice - London UK. A warm welcome to my Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) Nursery.
ABDL London Nursery - Nanny Luna
Nanny Luna's playground is a safe ABDL London Nursery for age play ,little sissies girls ,Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers . Nanny Luna likes role-play and AB & DL regression sessions.
Abdl, Adult Baby, Adult Baby Nursery catering to ABDLS, TVs and Sissies
Adult Baby Fetish and Sissification with Nanny Eva of Manchester
Adult Baby Fetish and Sissification with Nanny Eva of Manchester. Nanny Eva enjoys infantilisation, sissification and domination.

Nanny Petra nursery voor ABDL Den Haag Nederland
Baby play op maat langere sessies mogelijk ook overnachting. Meesteres Petra beschikt over een aangepaste abdl nursery in hartje Den Haag. Luierspel en ageplay in alle privacy.
Adultbaby - Windelmutti Johanna
Link zu Adultbaby - Windelmutti Johanna und ihrem Windelstudio HoPla in Hamburg.
Adultbaby Windelmutti Johanna
Adultbaby - Windelmutti Johanna - Windelstudio HoPla in Hamburg. Adultbabys ZUHAUSE. German Diaper MummyIn meinem AB/DL Kinderzimmer darfst Du dich wohl fuhlen. Windelmamas sind im Adultbabystudio auch willkommen. Windelfetisch ausleben.
Diaper Lover - Windelspiele - Windelerotik
Diaper Lover, Windelfetischisten und Windelerotik. Hier gibt es Kontakt, Informationen von Lady Johanna. Windelspiele, NS und Gummihosen. Triff Domina Lady Johanna in ihrem privat gefuhrten Studio.
Windelmama willkommen
Windelmama - Adultbaby. Hier findest Du Windelmutti Johanna, ihr Adultbabykinderzimmer und Informationen zur Vermietung. Ein privater Ort zum Ruckzug.
Windelstudio - Windelhotel - HoPla - Adultbaby & Diaper Lover
Windelstudio & Windelhotel HoPla fur Diaper Lover und Adultbabys. Windelmutti Johanna und Freiraum fur alle die Windelerotik kennen und lieben. Diaper Mommy liebt Nursery.
News & Aktuelles - Windelstudio - Windelhotel HoPla
News & Aktuelles - Windelstudio - Windelhotel HoPla - Windelmutti Johanna in Hamburg

Adult Baby Holiday Nursery
Nany Rose's Adult Baby Nursery Holidays in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mistress Pearl Adult Baby
Mistress Pearl naturally finds herself looking after adult babies and the young at heart. Nappy changing, bottle feeding, tummy tickling and potty training are all in a days work.

ABDL Adult Baby Phone Sex
Adult baby phone sex site servicing abdl's in search of mommy phone sex, babysitter phone sex, auntie phone sex, mature phone sex, and a assortment of diaper fetishes.

Adult Baby Nurseries and Mommies