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Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Breastfeeding My Adult Baby'

Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Adult Baby In Diapers'

Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Adult Baby Hypnotic Spell'

Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Adult Baby Girl'

Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Adult Baby Girl Incident'

Download Adult Baby Movie Title 'Adult Baby Discipline'

Adult Baby Sitter - Week #29

Adult Baby Nursing - Week #03

Adult Baby Nanny - Week #09

Adult Baby Mummy - Week #26

Adult Baby Mistress - Week #46

Adult Baby Diaper Lover - Week #48

Adult Baby Baby Sitter - Week #34

Adult Baby Shopping

Adult Baby Nurseries and Mommies

Adult Baby AB/DL Communities

Adult Baby Links

Adult Baby Girls

Adult Baby Girl

Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Adult Baby Diaper Girl

Adult Baby Girls

Adult Baby Girl

Girl Changing Adult Baby Diaper

Adult Baby Mommy

Adult Baby Girl

Adult Baby Girl In Her Diaper

Asian Adult Baby Diaper Girl

Adult Baby Baby Sitter

Asian Adult Baby

Adult Baby Asian SchoolGirl

Breast Feeding Adult Baby

Asian Adult Baby Sitter

Asian Adult Baby

Asian Adult Baby Sitter

Adult Baby In Diaper


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  • A good social network would be willing to put forth the right amount of money up front to get the site in the right direction and running smooth and all that…then, when people start coming and finding out the legitimacy of the site -it grows. Then, in the end the site owner can not only have a good working ABDL social network but also probably can earn back what they put in through advertisements or other means – which is perfectly acceptable in my mind assuming the site is well run and its main goal is to enhance a “socialness” within the ABDL community rather than just a photo breeding ground.

  • My wife has just started to experiment with diapers and I'm looking for ideas for things we can do together diapered. I spent so much time and effort into just convincing her to wear them that I find myself blank once I get her to wear. She seems to be warming to the idea of wearing them for me but still has some hesitation. We both have the week between Christmas and New Years off and I've always thought that it would be fun to wear 24/7 for that week, both of us. So anyways I'm looking for ideas of fun diaper related stuff we can do that week and also for any input about asking her to wear for a week 24/7. Do you think it's a good idea to ask a rookie to go for an entire week? My rationale is that if she just spends a substantial amount of time they will begin to grow on her, as of now she has never worn diapers for more than 12 hours at a time.

  • Diaper tapes. Securex and bambino / teddy / active ultra seem to stick worse with the new improved quieter front panel. Diaper tapes seem like a must and wondering if you have ideas for some nice DL/Ab oriented tapes to go across the front panel and secure the default tapes.

  • What is an Adult Baby?

    An Adult Baby is a is a grown up male or female who enjoys spending time mentally regressing to a younger baby or child-like state. They enjoy the freedom from responsibilities that this time offers them. It is a form of escapism and relief. They like to express their emotions in play and forget about grown up issues. This is often characterized by, but not exclusively, props to help them achieve that mental state, usually the wearing of babyish attire, predominantly a nappy or diaper (either cloth or disposable ) and sometime suckling on a dummy, drinking from a bottle and playing with toys of a particular era that means something to them. They like giving over responsibility to usually to the opposite sex who takes a paternal or maternal role as the care giver.


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